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Looking forward - a sight changing decision

October 19, 2011

Looking forward - a sight changing decision

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital celebrated World Sight Day on Thursday 13 October with a very special event.

Patient, Neslihan Sari and her family joined staff at the Eye and Ear and the Minister for Health, the Hon. David Davis MLC.

Neslihan has been a patient at the Eye and Ear for more than 25 years and recently undertook complex surgery to restore vision in her left eye.

Doctor Michael Coote says that the surgery looked straightforward on paper, but because Neslihan had undergone so many surgeries that her eye was weak.

“What we are working with here is not simple, he explains. “It is about getting enough of the right people together in the same room to make this set of operations a possibility.

Neslihan feels blessed to have another chance to see the world.

“When you lose your sight you actually forget how life was and how everything looks, she says.

“I’m just so excited to see that the grass is green and the sky is blue rather than everything looking the same shade of grey!

Neslihan’s inspirational journey celebrates the Eye and Ear’s ongoing commitment to eye health care on World Sight Day.

Check out Neslihan's story featured on Channel 7 News.