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Our Christmas Appeal

November 30, 2011

Our Christmas Appeal

Spreading the word on men’s health

When David Jones, from Seymour, Victoria first noticed little black dots floating in his eye, he assumed it was something that would ‘go away’.

Ignoring the symptoms for five days, David was just 48 hours away from losing his sight permanently.

This Christmas, David feels like the luckiest man alive to still be able to see his family.

Each year at the hospital, we change people’s lives and this Christmas you could do the same.

Your donation will help us in our work to continue to give sight and hearing to thousands of your fellow Victorians.

A father of two, David says losing his sight would have been life changing. “I have worked outdoors in grounds maintenance for the past 32 years, he explains. “I don’t actually think I could have continued working with only one eye.

After much convincing from family and friends in his regional community, David presented at the Eye and Ear’s 24 hour Emergency Department. David was diagnosed with a retinal detachment.

“The Doctors asked if I had been in a car accident as the injury was consistent with major trauma, explains David. “They said if I had left it for two more days, I would have lost my eye.

Until that moment, David had not realised how serious his condition was.

“I remember on the day, I almost didn’t come to the hospital as I was really busy and the thought of getting myself to Melbourne was all becoming too hard, he says. “To think that if I had left it any longer, I could have been blind is a pretty scary thing.

Treating Eye Surgeon, Dr Ian Reddie says that David’s reaction to his symptoms is all too familiar.

“Too often people can feel silly about coming to the hospital when they notice a change to their senses, says Dr Reddie. “It’s too late in retrospect to think about what you should have done differently, as the impact on your life can be devastating.

“Thankfully for David we were able to treat his retina tear before it detached completely, otherwise it could have been a very different outcome for him.

“At a follow up appointment, I got further along the reading test using my ‘bad’ eye than I did with my ‘good’ eye, explains David. “The doctor said, do it again, you must be cheating - it was totally unbelievable.

“I am just so grateful to the doctors, nursing staff and everyone at the Eye and Ear who helped me.

Thankfully with early intervention, vision loss from a detached retina can be prevented.

Using expert clinical care, advanced specialist treatment, and world class research, the Eye and Ear has helped save the sight and hearing of thousands of Victorians.

Your gift this Christmas will help us to give the gift of sight and hearing. With your help we can continue to help save the sight and hearing of people just like David.

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