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Recommend a Title

To develop a collection of resources that meet client needs, the library is always keen to solicit valuable suggestions from library members.

Please read our Collection Development Procedure for criteria on the selection of resources for the Ronald Lowe Collection or see a relevant section:

For books please read section 2.0 Monographs-criteria for selection

For journals please read section 3.0 Serials- Criteria for Selection

For electronic resources please read section 10.0 Guidelines for the Electronic Resources Collection

Note: The library may already hold that  book, AV or journal so please check the catalogue first and the list of journals in the E-Portal before recommending it/them.

Asterisks (*) denote required fields

Department Head
Library Committee Rep.
It is strongly recommended that recommendations for new journal titles or Databses must be endorsed by your Department head and your Library Committee representative.
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