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Referring to the Eye and Ear

Working with GPs, we have developed a range of resources to make things easier for referring GPs, including information sessions run by our specialists, referral guidelines and forms and information about our services. Our referral guidelines provide information to assist GPs identify which patients to refer and when. They also indicate the information required on the referral, as the more clinical information that you include, the better we are able to triage your patient. In some cases diagnostic support will be required from a local optometrist or audiologist to provide a report that will assist with both your referral and our triage.

Referral guidelines
•    Ophthalmology referral guidelines
•    ENT referral guidelines
•    Cochlear Implant Clinic referral guidelines
•    Primary care management guidelines

Referral forms
We have optional referral forms available, which can be printed or downloaded and integrated with Medical Director or Best Practice Clinical software products. For assistance integrating these templates into your software, please contact your Primary Health Network or software vendor.

•    Referral Form
•    Best Practice Referral Form*
•    Medical Director Referral Form*
•    ZedMed Referral Form*

•    Request for diagnostic support: Audiologist
•    Request for diagnostic support: Optometrist

*To ensure template links remain active, please download referral templates to your software without opening in Microsoft Word.

What type of referral do you have?
For immediate telephone advice/emergencies: Phone switch (03) 9929 8666 and ask for the Eye or ENT admitting officer

For referrals and outpatient appointments: You can mail or fax referrals to the Outpatient Booking Unit (OBU):

Fax to OBU on (03) 9929 8404, or mail to Outpatient Booking Unit, Locked Bag 8, East Melbourne, 8002.

For urgent referrals: You can mark as 'URGENT' (triaged within 48 hours) or telephone the OBU to notify them you are sending an urgent referral – OBU phone (03) 9929 8500.

 Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service  
When referring to the Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service, please ensure medical referral letters or forms are addressed to A Neurologist at the Balance Disorders and Ataxia Clinic, for Medicare purposes.

Other important information
Medicare ineligible patients: If your patient is Medicare ineligible, please let us know, so we can discuss options with your patient prior to their appointment.

Interpreter required: Please let us know on your referral if an interpreter is required and for which language.

Please let patients you refer to the Eye and Ear know about the hospital infoline so they can listen to helpful pre-visit information before attending their appointment:

  • English – 03 9929 8471
  • 廣東話 (Cantonese) – 03 9929 8163
  • Ελληνικά (Greek) – 03 9929 8972
  • Italiano (Italian) – 03 9929 8574
  • 普通话 (Mandarin) – 03 9929 8695
  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) – 03 9929 8256

Patients who have seen a private Ophthalmologist: If you could document the ophthalmologist the patient attended, this could be helpful if we need further information.