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Nasendoscopy Tutorial

Nasendoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that is usually performed in the clinic setting to assess the structures of the nose and throat. It involves a thin, flexible tube with a small telescopic camera which is passed through the nostril. The endoscope can be manoeuvred to help obtain a good view of the nose and throat in order to investigate foreign bodies, malignancies and other issues of the upper aerodigestive tract. 

In this video, the nasendoscopy tutorial is provided by Dr Philip Michael, ENT specialist at the Eye and Ear.


Epistaxis is one of the most common ENT emergency presentations. Nasal cautery, or nasal cauterisation, is an effective, quick, and painless method to deal with persistent and repeated nosebleeds. A heated or caustic needle is used to seal blood tissues and stop bleeding. This procedure can be performed in the office with topical anaesthetic or can be performed in an operating room under general anaesthesia.

The video below, for GPs and Emergency Department staff, demonstrates how to cauterise a nasal septum.

This video was produced by John Vorrath and Michael Dobson (Consultant ENT Surgeons) with the assistance of Adam Louws and James Ooi; and presented by John Vorrath.