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Primary Care Management Guidelines

The guidelines are intended to assist GPs by providing primary care management information for low acuity conditions that do not require the specialty services of the hospital. They were developed by specialists and allied health staff at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and reviewed by our GP Liaison Officer.

Guidelines for ENT conditions:

•    Dizziness
•    Dizziness tests and maneuvres
•    Otalgia
•    Hearing aids
•    Hearing loss
•    Impacted wax
•    Tinnitus

The guidelines are not intended for use by the general public. Consumers wanting to utilise the Eye and Ear outpatient services will need to be referred by their GP, optometrist or audiologist.

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is not responsible in any way for application of these guidelines to patient care at your facility and the guidelines should not be relied upon in diagnosing or treating any particular medical condition.

They are guidelines only for informational purposes and your professional judgment must always prevail. These guidelines may not be reproduced without permission.

If a GP or referrer is still unclear about when to refer, or is concerned that their patient requires an urgent referral, then we encourage you to telephone our Outpatient Booking Unit to discuss with one of our triage staff (within business hours only), or to call the hospital reception and speak to the Eye or ENT Admitting Officer to get immediate over the phone advice (24/7).