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Nursing education

Nursing Education at The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital coordinates practise development programs for all nursing staff throughout the organisation, offering a range of educational opportunities to help nurses realise their potential for professional development and providing a pathway for career progression.

Nursing Education employs specialist clinical nurse educators and also invites specialists both from within the organisation as well as external organisations to provide clinically relevant nursing education. Working closely with department managers, education programs endeavour to promote best practise which is consistent, timely and targeted, and is supported by evidence based research. Our nurse educators also provide support to external health care professionals requiring specialist professional development in ophthalmology and ENT services.

Education programs also include postgraduate nursing programs in Ophthalmology, Anaesthetics & Perioperative nursing with an affiliation with ACU, St Vincent’s Hospital, and St Vincent's Private Hospitals. In addition, Nursing Education provides a comprehensive Graduate Nurse Program to support the developmental needs of the newly registered nurse to consolidate their undergraduate learning. Nursing Education also supports undergraduate nursing students from various universities.

The current focus of Nursing Education is the Nursing Development Plan. Led by the Chief Nurse Officer, this project aims to enhance nursing practise within the organisation through remodelling of the nursing competency framework.

Graduate Nursing Program