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Ocular Motility / Neuro Ophthalmology

The fellowship position begins February each year.

This position offers a concentrated supervised experience in adult and paediatric strabismus, skewed towards more difficult strabismus.

There are two consulting sessions a week, one operating session most weeks (plus further assisting session), one session in adult neuro-ophthalmology, two ‘free’ sessions typically devoted to research and other sessions are spent in ED and general ophthalmology clinics.

There are five attending staff in Strabismus (all with UK, USA, Canadian or local fellowship training), two of whom also attend at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Experience is available in Genetics, Electrophysiology and Eye Movement Recordings.

The fellow will be expected to publish at least one substantial paper, prepare papers for conferences, prepare journal clubs, and contribute to the rich intellectual life of the hospital. The fellow also participates in the Emergency Department rosters.