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Fundraising - Tamar

May 30, 2013

Former patient Tamar Black first visited the Eye and Ear with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a severe balance disorder, in 2012. Following her successful treatment at the hospital's Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service (Vestibular Clinic), Tamar embarked on a fundraising campaign that raised critical funds for patient resources.

“Last year, I had an ear infection that affected my balance. I kept working but I stopped being able to drive. I was extremely nauseated, and unable to move my head, or move my eyes up or down without feeling really dizzy. I was unable to walk straight and when I stood I had to lean against a wall. I was eventually unable to go to work and felt like I was on a rocky boat. I missed being at work and couldn't imagine that I would ever recover. I couldn't do anything for my children or attend events that they were involved in.

“I eventually sought treatment at the Eye and Ear hospital's Balance Clinic, under the care of Dr David Szmulewicz. He was incredibly kind and caring, and treated me as an equal. Dr Szmulewicz allowed me to make choices about all of my treatment, kept me fully informed, backed up his opinions with up-to-date research, and supported me through every step of the procedures.

“No words of gratitude, or any gift felt sufficient or special enough to thank Dr Szmulewicz. I wanted to give him a meaningful gift that he would always remember. I also felt that if I could help one other vertigo patient then everything I had gone through would become worthwhile.”

“I decided to honour Dr Szmulewicz by dedicating 11 weeks to raising money for the balance clinic. I had never fundraised before and I didn’t know how I would go about it. My secret dream was to raise $10,000 but it seemed completely unattainable.

“Through the assistance of The King David School where I work as a psychologist, and my local community, I managed to raise $11,000 in 11 weeks, which will be used to develop educational resources for patients suffering with balance disorders.

“After completing my fundraiser for the clinic I felt that I still wanted to do more for the hospital. I realised my nine and six-year-old daughters did not really understand the value of the $11,000 I had raised for the clinic. I wanted to teach them the importance of giving without expecting anything in return.

“My goal was to acquire 100 toys in 100 days for use in the hospital’s waiting areas, so I emailed friends and posted a call for pre-loved books and toys for the hospital on Facebook. In just 30 days I had obtained 115 toys and books.

“I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to thank Dr Szmulewicz and the hospital; it feels like the most meaningful thing that I have ever done.”

For more information on how you can donate or fundraise on behalf of the Eye and Ear click here>>



Tamar with daughters Sara and Ariella and
more than100 donated toys and books

Tamar and Dr David Szmulewicz during the fundraising drive