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Donating - Zara

May 23, 2013

Little Zara Steenholdt proves age is no barrier to generosity, with the nine year-old donating $150 she received for her birthday to the Eye and Ear hospital earlier this year.

Mum Sheena said this is something Zara does every year, choosing a different charity to donate her birthday money to.

“Zara believes that she has everything she already needs and would rather give the money to somewhere it can do some good," Sheena said.

Zara first began donating to charities after seeing footage of flood damage in Pakistan in 2010, immediately asking Sheena how she could help.

“My mum has had operations at the Eye and Ear in the past and I wanted to thank the hospital for helping people with bad eyes and ears, like my mum."



Nine year-old Zara Steenholdt