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Our Patient Stories

Patient wellbeing is at the core of all we do at the Eye and Ear. We welcome feedback from our patients and their carers and would like to share some of their stories with you.

Enucleation: A guide to surgery and aftercare

This video shows the process for having enucleation surgery. 

Your artificial eye: What to expect

This video will aim to help you understand what it is like to have an artificial eye.


The eye anaesthesia journey

This video shows the process for having eye surgery for many of the common conditions we treat at the Eye and Ear. Your doctor will talk to you about your anaesthesia more.

Anaesthesia for eye surgery from Royal Vic Eye and Ear Hospital on Vimeo.

Janet's story

Janet Holt was referred to the Eye and Ear for a cochlear implant in 2013 after her hearing started deteriorating significantly. The cochlear implant surgery was a success and Janet is thrilled with the results, saying it has improved her quality of life dramatically. She is now encouraging everyone to have regular hearing checks, with figures revealing more than 29,000 Victorians are at risk of severe hearing lost. Janet shared her story with WIN TV.

Cochlear Implant Patient and Parent Stories

The stories within the Cochlear Implant Patient and Parent Stories booklet were written by Cochlear Implant recipients and parents. Click here to view the PDF version of the booklet.

What does patient centred care mean to you?

What is patient centred care? We asked Eye and Ear staff, patients and carers what patient centred care meant to them.

Lorraine's story

Lorraine Lack was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) the most common cause of vertigo in early 2014. Lorraine was one of the first patients to benefit from the Eye and Ear's state-of-the-art Epley Omniax System, which was officially launched in October 2014. Lorraine shared her story with Channel 9.

Neslihan's story

As a result of Congenital Glaucoma, Neslihan Sari has been a patient of the Eye and Ear for more  than 25 years. After featuring on Channel 7 News in celebration of World Sight Day, Neslihan decided to tell her story of living with this condition. You can read about her inspirational journey in the 2011 Quality of Care Report or view her story here:

Venice's story

Venice is a youngster who received bi-lateral cochlear implants. Her family tells Venice's story.

Sarah's story

The Eye and Ear has a strong relationship with its research partners, such as the Centre for Eye  Research Australia. You can watch Sarah's story, which highlights the work of Professor Robyn Guymer as she works towards a cure for age-related Macular Degeneration.

Kara's visit to the Eye and Ear

This short video follows Kara throughout her visit to the Eye and Ear, from her first meeting with our volunteers at the concierge desk to a final visit from her surgeon before heading home.

Noah's story

Young Noah recently had a surgery at the hospital. Noah and his family have documented Noah's journey which they have generously shared with us.

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