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Our Community

Join our Consumer Register 

Help Us Help You

We want patients and carers to join our Consumer Register to share your experiences and opinions with us. 

We have 100 registered consumers, which includes our volunteers. We tend to ask our registered consumers for their opinion a few times a year. This may involve:

  • reviewing our brochures, patient fact sheets and other materials
  • being a part of focus groups to discuss hospital activities and planning of projects
  • being a member of a group or committee that provides a consumer perspective to the hospital on operational and strategic work.

To join the Consumer Register or for more information, please contact Betty Tellis on 03 9929 8658 or

Our Community Advisory Committee

Our Community Advisory Committee provides advice to the Board on effective consumer and community participation in service development, delivery and evaluation. The committee includes 8-9 consumers, carers and community members along with members of the Board and staff.

The Community Advisory Committee develops and monitors the hospital’s Partnering with Consumers and Community Plan, which aims to increase opportunities for consumers to be involved in their care. The committee meets six times in a year and is a pivotal committee that assists the hospital to maintain its strong focus on including consumers in everything we do.

For more information about our Community Advisory Committee, contact the Planning and Patient Experience Manager on 03 9929 8946.

We produce an annual Quality Account (previously Quality of Care Report) for the community to access information about how the Eye and Ear is improving quality and safety and increasing community participation. You can read our latest report and provide your feedback online.

Disability access

The Eye and Ear is committed to providing equal access to our services and facilities for people living with disability. Our Disability Action Plan is incorporated into the Partnering with Consumers and Community Plan and this guides our actions in ensuring we provide an accessible and individual service.

For more information on access and our Disability Action Plan, contact the Planning and Patient Experience Manager on 03 9929 8946.

Cultural diversity

Victorians come from over 200 different countries and speak over 230 different languages and dialects, and our patients are equally diverse.

The Partnering with Consumers and Community Plan incorporates our strategy to ensure we care for all patients in a way that is effective, culturally sensitive and personal to the individual's needs. The plan is overseen by the Eye and Ear’s Partnering with Consumers Committee which provides guidance and advice to the Executive.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Closing the health gap for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community is an important issue at the Eye and Ear. Our approach is both hands on and strategic. The hospital's Aboriginal Health strategy is aligned with the key result areas of the Improving Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patients (ICAP) program and focuses on improving service provision to Aboriginal patients by taking a service wide approach.

We have two Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers whose role is to provide cultural and social support for Aboriginal people accessing the hospital services. They are also looking to increase staff understanding of Aboriginal culture and history. They have been integral in building stronger relationships with the community and are looking to build links with Aboriginal health services to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

Our Aboriginal Health Liaison Officers are available to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island patients.  You can contact them on 03 9929 8422, by emailing or you can ask staff at the hospital to contact them for you.

We have an Aboriginal Health Advisory Committee (run in conjunction with St Vincent’s Hospital) to oversee the Aboriginal Health strategy with the aim of improving the health and well-being of Aboriginal community. We also run a monthly Healthy Ears children’s clinic at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) to diagnose hearing conditions early and promote ear health which has strong links to effective language and learning development.